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Whether you have never made wine, beer or spirits before, or you are a fanatic with your own microbrewery in the garage, we can supply all the kits, equipment, ingredients and friendly advice that you need to get you started and to keep you supplied.

Brewing your own is not only more environmentally friendly and considerably less expensive than shop bought alcohol; it is also a satisfying hobby that can be shared with friends and family.

For instance, a beer kit will give you up to 40 pints from 60p per pint, and making wine from a kit can cost less than £1 per bottle. Make country wines from fruit or vegetables, or brew from grain, and it could be as little as 20p per bottle.
Get started for around £20 for some basic equipment, and no, you don’t need an airing cupboard!

As you can probably tell, we are passionate about brewing our own… in fact we’re so passionate about it, we decided to take on Dorset Homebrew just so that we could meet other like-minded folk and ensure we had a constant supply for all our wine and beer making needs!

We hold a wide range of stock from all the major UK home brew wholesalers, but if cannot see your favourite kit, ingredients, or preferred equipment, then please get in touch as we will happily source this for you wherever possible.
It is our aim to provide a fast and efficient service with a personal touch and friendly smile.

We look forward to you joining the party!
Sally and Tony


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  • Hydrometer for Beer and Wine (Stevenson Reeves)

    £4.20 Inc VAT

  • Wine Corks Grape Design (30’s)

    £3.00 Inc VAT

  • Sale!

    Amarillo Vacuum Packed Hop Pellets 100g

    £8.40 £7.56 Inc VAT

  • Sale!

    Citra Vacuum Packed Dual Purpose Hop Pellets 100g

    £7.56 £6.84 Inc VAT

  • Sale!

    Chinook Vacuum Packed Hop Pellets100g

    £5.76 £5.04 Inc VAT

  • Acid Test Kit (Ritchies)

    £5.50 Inc VAT