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Welcome to Dorset Homebrew!

Your one stop shop for your home-brewing needs specialising in extract brewing for beer and wine.

Home-brewing is great fun, great for the environment, check out our post on green home-brewing in our blog section, and fantastic value for money!

For instance, a beer kit will give you up to 40 pints from 60p per pint, and making wine from a kit can cost less than £1 per bottle. Make country wines from fruit or vegetables, and it could be as little as pennies per bottle.

We aim to be the best resource for extract brewers on knowledge and price!


Featured Products

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  • Russian Imperial Stout (Limited Edition)

    £26.99 Inc VAT

  • Evil Dog American Double IPA

    £24.98 Inc VAT

  • Sale!

    6 Bottle Wine Starter Kit – Chardonnay

    £19.98 £18.00 Inc VAT

  • Cork Bungs Bored (3) for Demijohn

    £1.99 Inc VAT

  • Cork Bungs (3) Solid for Demijohn

    £1.99 Inc VAT

  • Chemipro San (Five Star San) sanitiser 250ml

    £12.00 Inc VAT