Brewing Beer: Equipment

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If you intend to store your beer in a barrel/keg, then our range of Microbrewery Kits offer exceptional value from £59.99.

They contain all the equipment you need PLUS a kit to make 40 pints of beer. This works out at around £1.55 per pint for your first brew (including the equipment), and then from 35p per pint thereafter.

Or if you intend to bottle your beer, we suggest a Starter Kit and some bottles. Choose from standard brown glass Bottles, plastic screw tops or swing tops. You may also need some Crown Caps and a Capper.

To summarise, you will need the following items for brewing beer.


25L or 33L Fermentation Bucket


A pressure Barrel or Bottles

Syphon from around £3.00




Paddle or Spoon