Using a Hydrometer

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One of the most frequent requests we receive is for help with fermentations that may have stuck. We will always ask for the hydrometer reading, and most of the time the reading indicates that the wine or beer has finished fermenting and is ready for the next stage. We realise that hydrometers may appear difficult […]

Making Wine: Equipment

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We recommend starting your wine making hobby with a kit. These have easy to follow instructions, are easy to make and give satisfying and consistent results within a short space of time. We stock kits to make either 6 or 30 bottles.   The Basic 23L Starter Kit offers excellent value for money to get […]

Making Cider or Perry: A Brief Guide

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Suggested Equipment 25l bucket Hydrometer Syphon Plastic paddle/spoon Steriliser/cleanser Suggested Additives Pectolase Cider yeast Campden tablets   It is preferable to have a blend of cooking and dessert apples (and/or pears, optional) to give a balance between acidity, sweetness and bitterness Make sure all equipment is thoroughly cleaned using something like VWP cleaner/steriliser or Harris […]

Brewing Beer: Equipment

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If you intend to store your beer in a barrel/keg, then our range of Microbrewery Kits offer exceptional value from £59.99. They contain all the equipment you need PLUS a kit to make 40 pints of beer. This works out at around £1.55 per pint for your first brew (including the equipment), and then from 35p […]