Making Wine: Equipment

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We recommend starting your wine making hobby with a kit. These have easy to follow instructions, are easy to make and give satisfying and consistent results within a short space of time. We stock kits to make either 6 or 30 bottles.

23L Basic Starter Kit


The Basic 23L Starter Kit offers excellent value for money to get you started if making up to 30 bottles. It includes everything listed below except a glass demijohn.

You will need a second 25L Fermentation Bucket after around 7-10 days from the start of fermentation.

Whether using a kit, or making wines from fresh fruit and vegetables, or fruit juices or canned or dried fruits and flowers, we suggest the following equipment.




Either a 10L Fermentation Bucket for 6 bottles, or 25L Fermentation Bucket for up to 30 bottles

10L Fermentation Bucket

A second Fermentation Bucket, or a glass or plastic Demijohn for 6 bottles of wine


Syphon from around £3.00




Paddle or Spoon

Once you have made your wine, you will need to bottle it.

Buy a pack of 15 green or clear Wine Bottles, plus corks and a corker. Or recyle what you have using the existing metal screw cap (if undamanged) and new corks, or replacement Plastic Screw Caps.