King Keg Bottom Tap with S30 Valve

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This pressure barrel holds around 23 litres (5 gallons) of beer, lager or cider. There is ample head space to allow for CO2 production during secondary fermentation.

(Also available with a Top Tap and Beer Float.)

It has a 4″ wide neck for ease of cleaning and filling, Bottom Tap, twin drop handles for easy handling, and a strengthened base.

This version includes a 4″ Cap with S30 Valve for use with an S30 gas cylinder for CO2 gas injection. (We also stock Barrels with a Pin Valve for use with 8g CO2 Bulbs.)

To use this King Keg as a fully functioning pressurised gas injection barrel, you will also need:
An S30 Gas Cylinder sold separately with refills available.

How long will my beer keep in this barrel?
As long as the cap, valve and tap are in good condition, and fitted correctly; that the barrel remains pressurized; and is kept relatively cool and not subjected to extremes of temperature, your beer should remain in good condition for several months.

How often will I need to re-pressurise this barrel?
CO2 is produced by your brew, and will build up naturally within the barrel. The gas is what enables the beer to be drawn through the tap.
Provided your beer is being successfuly dispensed, then there is no need to add gas.
If, say, you only draw a pint of beer a day, then you may not need to add any additional gas.
However, if several pints of beer are dispensed in a short time frame (at a party for instance), then you may need to inject some gas. As soon as beer stops coming through the tap it is important to turn the tap off immediately to prevent air being sucked into your brew.
If using an S30 Gas Cylinder, screw the cylinder directly onto the valve in the Cap. Hold the cylinder in place for one second. Make sure you screw the cylinder on far enough, and squarely onto the thread. Remove the cylinder after each use.



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