Real Cidermaking on a Small Scale


Real Cidermaking on a Small Scale by Michael Pooley and John Lomax is a newcomers guide to making cider from scratch using any type of apple.

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Real cidermaking is an excellent book for a newcomer to cider making.
As one reviewer says: “I bought it last year and followed what it said, and this year we are drinking lovely dry sparkling cider from our two apple trees. It was our first time ever trying to make cider, and the results are truly fantastic.
The book is very much geared to the home cider maker who has trees with a lot of apples and wants to use them.
It usefully tells you why you should do something – e.g. sterilising properly – and what happens when you don’t. This type of approach ensures that you don’t cut corners because you know the consequences of doing so.”

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