Mangrove Jack’s Wine Yeast SN9 8g

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Formerly Vintner’s Harvest, now renamed Mangrove Jack’s SN9. Saccharomyces Bayanus.

Very good all round strain for country wines, sweet sparkling wines and ciders, and the best choice for high alcohol and fortified sweet wines. The pack contains 8 gram of yeast which is enough for 25 litres.

SN9 is a particularly neutral fermenter contributing significantly to weight and structure, an excellent choice for flower or low fruit recipes or where uncertain recipes are employed and fermentation reliability is a key factor.

SN9 is a rapid fermenter with high stress and ethanol tolerance and high glycerol production. SN9 is also the
most osmotolerant and the fasting clearing of all Vintner’s Harvest strains.

No hydration required – add direct to must and stir well.

For best results ferment at 22-26 degrees C (72-78 degrees F).

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