The History of Zubrowka Vodka

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What makes this vodka so special? This iconic vodka is the most famous Polish vodka. The majestic bison printed onto the bottle makes the bottle stand out. Each bottle also has the famous rare bison blade embedded inside. The taste is so pure and is vodka that everyone needs to try. The history behind the Zubrowka vodka is impressive too.

The Invention of Polish Vodka.

In the fourteenth century, Casimer the Great was on the throne in Poland. Casimir was a great believer in science and learning. During his reign that the very first Polish Vodka distilled.

Poland was the perfect place for vodka production due to perfect natural resources. Many discoveries and experiments led to the creation of vodka in Poland. From here on, the popularity and production of vodka around the world grew.

The History of Zubrowka Vodka

What did Poland’s natural resources have to offer?

The success of Polish vodka is due to the amazing natural resources that they had around them. To the Northeast of Poland stands the Bialowieza forest. This forest is home to the exact grass needed for Zubrowka vodka.

The Bialowieza forest is home to the stunning bison. These incredible creatures rule this forest as their home. They they feed off the rare aromatic bison grass that grows in these parts. The bison is not only Poland’s national animal, but it is also the mascot of the Zubrowka vodka.

Why Is The Bison Grass Hard To Find?

The rare bison grass that these incredible animals graze on is difficult to find. Only few people know the exact location to where it is. It can be mistaken for normal grass. Yet, before morning breaks, it is standing tall at 8 inches long amongst the greenery.

Only 21 families know the exact location. This is a secret that passed through the generations of these families. These families are responsible for handpicking and harvesting the blades of grass. They must do this with care from May through to September each year, although June is the best time to harvest.

The pickers lay these blades of grass onto wooden slats in 25 degree heat. After 8 hours, the blades stiffen. The following 6 days, each blade gets turned every 5 days to ensure that the colour remains even through out. This is such a concise and natural way of drying out and creating a quality product.

The Majestic Bison Which Inhabits The Bialowieza Forest

The Production of the Zubrowka Vodka.

Bialystok is the place in which production for the Zubrowka vodka takes place. This is a state of the art distillery, in which over 40 local rye families work hard to produce this quality vodka. A six-column rectification plant gets used for quality production. The blades get distilled six more times using this rectification plant.

Crystal clear spring water from 60m below gets demineralised. It is then mixed with the blades then filtered through carbon to take away any left impurities.

Give Zubrowka a Try Today

Zubrowka is great for sipping straight from a glass and ice. It also makes the perfect mixer for fruity drinks. You could even make yourself a frisky bison, which is apple juice mixed with Zubrowka. Other ideas include serving Zubrowka with ginger beer. You could also mix it with blackcurrant juice to make a black bison. Some even mix the vodka with ice cream for an extra treat.

The natural and impressive process of producing the Zubrowka makes this amazing vodka. Zubrowka vodka can be rare to come by. Lucky for you, we stock the famous Zubrowka vodka sachets. You can find it here.